Measures for the implementation of the introduction of talents in Tianjin

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the positioning requirements of "one base and three districts", accelerate the gathering of various talents, strive to build a talent highland, and promote the construction of "five modern Tianjin", according to the "Tianjin "Haihe Talents" Action Plan ", is now formulating the implementation measures for the introduction of talents to settle down.

Article 1 Domestic and foreign talents who meet the following conditions, are healthy and have no criminal record can come to Tianjin to settle down:

(1) Educational talents. Including: graduates from ordinary colleges and universities, full-time undergraduate students are generally under the age of 40; postgraduates with a master's degree are generally under 45 years old; postgraduates with a doctoral degree are not limited in age.

(2) Qualified talents. Including: those who have obtained the title of deputy senior or above; have domestic and foreign actuaries, chartered financial analysts (CFA), financial risk managers (FRM), certified public accountants, certified tax agents, certified architects, certified survey and design engineers, registered Asset appraisers, lawyers and other professional qualifications.

(3) Skilled talents. Including: employment in an employer in this city, graduating from a higher vocational college and working for 1 year, or graduating from a secondary vocational school and working for 3 years, with advanced vocational qualifications, no more than 35 years old; with technician professional qualifications, no more than 40 years old ; Possess senior technician professional qualification and be under 50 years old.

(4) Entrepreneurial talents. Entrepreneurs who come to Tianjin to establish enterprises that conform to the orientation of Tianjin's industrial policies, the enterprises have been running stably for more than one year, and the entrepreneurs have paid a cumulative personal income tax of more than 100,000 yuan. The core talents of the entrepreneurial team are not restricted by age.

(5) Urgently needed talents. Talents urgently needed by leading companies in strategic emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, digital creativity, aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection are determined by the company. The talent office of each district is responsible for organizing the qualification accreditation of the leading enterprises in the district and publishing the list of leading enterprises.

Article 2 Talents who come to Tianjin can choose the following places of settlement:

(1) Property owned by the owner or his/her spouse;

(2) The collective household of the unit where it belongs;

(3) Talents coming to Tianjin who do not have property rights and whose units do not have collective households shall settle in the collective households designated by the district human resources and social security department;

(4) Talents who come to Tianjin without employment units shall be registered and archived in the collective household of talents in the talent market in northern China.

Article 3 The introduction of talents shall go through the settlement procedures according to the following procedures:

(1) Introduced talents who meet one of the first four conditions of Article 1 of these Measures, log on to the Tianjin Public Security People's Livelihood Service Platform, download the "Tianjin Public Security" mobile terminal (APP), and apply for settlement online. The public security department will work in 3 Feedback review results within days. Those who pass the review and choose the first three paragraphs of Article 2 to settle in the place of residence shall go to the administrative service center of the planned area to go through the procedures for the approval of relocation; those who choose the fourth paragraph of Article 2 to settle down can be accepted at the administrative service center of each district. Go through the relocation procedure.

(2) Leading enterprises that are identified as qualified for direct recommendation introduce urgently-needed talents who meet the conditions of Article 1, paragraph 5 of these Measures. The human resources department of the enterprise shall propose a list of urgently-needed talents to be introduced, which shall be confirmed by the chairman of the enterprise. Sign the letter of recommendation for settlement and report it to the district talent office; the district talent office will issue a certificate of urgently needed talent after approval; the human resources department of the enterprise or the talent themselves submit relevant data online in accordance with the first paragraph of this article, and submit the application materials to the proposed settlement area. The administrative service center will go through the relocation approval procedures at the joint review window for the introduction of talents.

After receiving the permit for relocation, all the introduced talents will go back to their original places to go through the procedures for moving out of their household registration, and then go to the population service management center of the corresponding public security sub-bureau or the police station to go through the procedures for settlement.

Article 4 The following materials are required to go through the procedures for settlement and relocation:

(1) For academic talents, resident ID cards, academic certificates and degree certificates are required.

(2) For qualified talents, resident ID cards, professional titles or practicing qualification certificates are required.

(3) Skilled talents need to provide resident ID cards, vocational qualification certificates and academic certificates, labor contracts in Tianjin or social security payment certificates.

(4) Entrepreneurial talents need to provide resident ID cards, enterprise business licenses, and personal income tax payment certificates.

(5) For urgently-needed talents, a resident ID card and a certificate of urgently-needed talents issued by the talent office in the district are required.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, the introduced talents should also provide the corresponding materials according to the settlement location selected in Article 2 of these Measures: if they settle in the property right house under their own or their spouse's name, they should provide the legal real estate certificate of themselves or their spouse; if they settle in the collective household of the unit, provide A copy of the home page of the collective household of the unit (with the official seal of the unit); if you have settled in a collective household of talents in the city or district, you do not need to provide the relevant materials of the collective household of talents, and go through the formalities of settlement directly.

Article 5 The district public security, human and social security, and education departments are responsible for the tripartite joint review of the service window. There is no fee for the settlement and relocation procedures.

The district public security, human resources and social security departments announce consultation services and reporting and complaint hotlines, accept consultation services, check reports and complaints, and deal with violations in a timely manner.

Article 6 The municipal public security department takes the lead and organizes the human resources, social security, and education departments to randomly check the settlement of talents according to the proportion of more than 10% every year, and strengthen the supervision during and after the event. For those who deceived and obtained the qualification to settle down, their household registration will be cancelled and included in the "blacklist" of integrity; for the relevant responsible enterprises, their recommendation qualifications will be cancelled; if the circumstances are serious, they will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

These Measures shall be implemented from the date of promulgation, and shall be optimized and improved every year depending on the operational situation.