service! Two more batches of love materials from Baodi arrived in Anyang, Henan


  In the early morning of July 25th, at 00:30, two vehicles loaded with love materials drove out from Tianjin Xuhui Hengyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., and more than 20 bags of 500 sets of tear-resistant camouflage split raincoats were sent to the factory. Disaster relief troops from Anyang County, Anyang City, Henan Province, rushed to rescue soldiers to fight floods.


Recently, heavy precipitation in Zhengzhou, Henan and other places has seriously threatened the safety of people's lives and property, and the disaster has affected the hearts of people across the country. Wang Xuhui, chairman of Tianjin Xuhui Hengyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., learned from the District People's Armed Forces Department at noon on the 24th that after a certain unit in Anyang, Henan, urgently needed raincoats, he went to several places to purchase without stopping. After careful comparison, we purchased 500 sets of camouflage split raincoats that are breathable, comfortable, tear-resistant and meet the needs of soldiers in emergency rescue.

At 18:30 on the 24th, under the leadership of Chairman Wang Xuhui, more than 20 workers from Xuhui Hengyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. took the initiative to stay after get off work to organize and load love raincoats.




The workers checked the raincoats one by one for damage, cut off all the threads that were leaking outside with scissors, and repacked the raincoats after ensuring that there was no problem with the raincoats. "Superfluous" is only for the comfort of soldiers when they are in emergency.





It was almost late at night after 500 sets of raincoats were sorted out. In order to facilitate the delivery of materials, Wang Xuhui, who led the team, chose to drive a commercial vehicle to Anyang. The first batch of emergency supplies donated by Wang Xuhui on the morning of the 24th, 40,000 woven bags and 200 container bags arrived in Henan that evening.



Wang Xuhui told reporters: "The development of our company has benefited from the support of the party, the government and the society. It is our duty to contribute when the society needs it. When one party is in trouble, all parties support it. Donating raincoats and helping Henan is what it should be."

At 08:20 on the morning of the 25th, Wang Xuhui and his party of five arrived in Anyang, Henan Province, and handed over 500 sets of love raincoats to the soldiers. During this trip to Anyang, all 5 people took relevant epidemic prevention measures. After the raincoats were delivered, they immediately set foot on their way home to reduce unnecessary contact and implement epidemic prevention measures every step of the way.


The reporter learned from Wang Xuhui that Xuhui Hengyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., as one of the storage points for emergency materials, will always make preparations for the distribution of emergency materials when there are frequent rains and disasters, and take the initiative to practice social responsibility with practical actions. .


Come on , Henan , we are all in the same boat !