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Wovenbag international business department

Contact: Yan Dongchun
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Pharmaceutical packaging business department

Contact: Wang Xuchao
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Contact: Mr. Wang
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Industry News
Reviewing Revolutionary History, Memorizing Revolutionary Martyrs and Inheriting Red Culture--Visiting Xuhui Red Culture Exhibition Hall by the Fourth Party Branch of Tianjin College of Beijing University of Science and Technology
Visiting Red Education Base and Promoting Revolutionary Traditional Culture
In order to further study the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party……
Reviewing Red Memory and Inheriting Red Spirit
"The glorious tradition cannot be lost, the soul can be lost, the red gene can not be changed, and the change can be deteriorated."
Red Education Into Xuhui Red Culture Exhibition Hall
Baodi District Government Office organized nearly 40 Party members to enter Xuhui Red Culture Exhibition Hall to carry out red education ……
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